Support your business processes with analytics.

Make well-founded decisions with best-in-class business intelligence software.


 Create your own analyses and find the exact information you need.

 Build reports and distribute them regardless of the language used via e-mail or web sites.

 Get an overview of your organization’s performance in your intelligent dashboard.

 Get alerts from intelligent agents and react if necessary.

 Predict changes with TARGIT’s patented Sentinel technology

 Share knowledge with the entire organization via storyboards on a wide screen.

 Get important business insight at the right time directly on your iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows device .

 With Targit BI’s patented Advance Reporting Module you can send a multitude of reports to many groups or individuals with information relevant only to them, all from one analysis. 



TARGIT is the maker of TARGIT Decision Suite, the business intelligence and analytics solution for all business users. TARGIT has been consistently considered a top player in the industry by Gartner and BARC. The company is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, recognized for strong applications development.

TARGIT Decision Suite is the business intelligence and analytics solution for companies looking for a single platform to accommodate the need for comprehensive business intelligence and analytics across the company. The solution will help them analyse, visualize, and gain valuable business insights from their data. TARGIT pulls data from any source (internal or external), size, or complexity, making it possible for any employee, in every role, in every industry to analyse it simply and seamlessly.

Business intelligence from TARGIT is developed with the concepts of user-friendliness, flexibility and simple implementation in mind and it is top priority to TARGIT to minimize the number of clicks to business insight. TARGIT BI Suite streamlines the decision processes in your company, focusing on user-friendliness and close integration of business intelligence disciplines like analysis, reporting and creating dashboards.

The solution gathers data from all of your company’s systems and gives all employees a shared interface from which even the less IT-savvy can draw and analyse the exact information that they need.


The analytics front-end is the same.
The project scales with your business needs.
That’s truly intelligent business intelligence software.



What the experts say about TARGIT…

“TARGIT offers useful analytical capabilities and an unusual graphical interface. End-users will have no trouble creating, modifying and navigating multi-object graphical screens. It also has good integration with Microsoft Reporting Services, allowing end users to create new reports on-the-fly.”

 – Nigel Pendse, The OLAP Report.

“One key differentiator for TARGIT is the holistic approach to BI. Their focus on how BI should bring value to user and the whole context in which BI is used is unique, compared to feature focus that other vendors may have. Another differentiator is the attitude towards fewer clicks meaning that the end-user should use as few clicks as possible to reach the required data”

– Brian Troelsen, Senior Research Analyst, IDC  

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